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Then start approaching it like one! Learn how to use REAL information from your blog audience to go from zero to super hero.

When it comes to business, you need hard and real information.

What is this information I speak of?

Real-life data from your blog of course!

After all, how else would you know what is working best with your blog audience?

How else would you know if all the work you’ve put in is paying off?

Sometimes passion and love just ain't enough.

Especially when it comes to making your blog into a business that:

Gives you time and financial freedom 

Is fulfilling, purposeful and meaningful.

You can’t wait to get back to each and every morning.

A business that makes your soul shine – Every. Single. Day.

You’re probably thinking stuff like:

  • Data is for a numbers person
  • It’s going to be way too hard to even understand
  • It’s crazy overwhelming – everything looks the same!
  • You need to be super good at maths for this shiz
  • I’m the creative creature – this isn’t for me!

Sorry to break this to you but you’re wrong!


Then start approaching it like one.


Make informed decisions with
real-life information from your blog.

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for Hustle/Flow’s 5-DAY EMAIL COURSE

that shows you how to

use real-life information to improve your blog.  


If you’re ready to start getting serious with your blog, your audience, your business, then this course is for you.  

How It Works


You’ll receive an email for 5 days teaching you how to use Google Analytics.

You’ll also have some homework to do (!) in the form of worksheets.


  • The right industry terms used for web measurement and analytics
  • The correct reports to use in order to understand your blog audience
  • Your strongest (and weakest) sources of traffic growth
  • The best promotional channels that are working best (or worst) for your blog
  • Your top performing blog content and most engaging blog content

  • How to set up goals as success measures

Who are you again?


Ohai! I’m Michelle and I do digital marketing. I like to help passionate entrepreneurs, small business owners who want to quit their 9-5 to pursue their passion online. I love all things digital, yoga, matcha lattes and have an unhealthy obsession with finding the perfect yoga leggings. 


I’ve been helping large multinationals, government agencies and start-ups grow and scale their business, and now I want to help you do the same. I believe in the power of data to make informed decisions to achieve optimal outcomes.


Combined with the power of passion, it makes a pretty sweet combo.


Ready to get started?